Oh jeez, where to start, where to start. Thing are a changing my dudes and oh boy do I got some changes for you. So, the previous Boros list simply relied on curving into a Heroic Reinforcements to end the game, well things have changed a little but the idea of crashing a field full of tokens into our opponents face is still a good idea, so here is the revamped list for Theros Beyond Death Standard.

Starting with our creatures, the meat and potatoes of the deck, is our old friend Boros Challenger. A decent little 2/3 for a red and a white with mentor and a pump ability for four mana can help us get a bit of extra damage in via either the mentor trigger, or the pump ability in cases where we flood out.

Continuing along is Swiftblade Vindicator, and let me tell you this thing is a house. Trample, double strike and vigilance, oh my. Give this thing even one counter from a mentor trigger are you have a real beater on your hands, and this little guy has single-handedly carried games.

Next up is our big token creator for the deck, Hero of Precinct One. With its ability to create a 1/1 human with every multi-colour spell we cast, we can quickly flood the board with creatures and cause things to get out of control quickly. The card is a prime removal target so don't get discouraged should it die early.

Next is the final two drop creature, Tenth District Legionnaire. A hasty 2/2 for a red and a white is what this deck needs to apply early pressure and with its ability, we can gain additional benefits from some of our non-creature spells.

Moving onto our three drops is our main man Tajic, Legion's Edge. If only I could be so grossly incandescent. Anyway, Tajic lets us motor like no other creature in this deck, the haste, the mentor ability and the potential to gain first strike make Tajic not only a wonderful attacker, but also a resilient defender should we face down other aggro decks, such as mono-red. His static ability should not be underestimated either as it can catch some players unaware and they may waste a valuable spell on one of our other creatures.

Our only other main-board creatures are a pair of Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice but boy does her arrival make us smile. Costing four mana means that we don't want to see her all the time, but those games where we do see her can pull us out of a slump or put us so far ahead that the game is more or less ours. While she has no enter the battlefield ability, the pump ability is indispensable. Slapping an additional two power onto any or our creatures is wonderful, but the added keywords are nothing to scoff at either and are relevant throughout nearly all stages of the game.

Now, onto our non-creature spells. First up is a playset of Integrity / Intervention. Doubling as both a pump spell to push extra damage or keep one of our creatures alive and as a burn spell to take out a problematic creature or finish a game by going to the dome, this card offers a remarkable amount of flexibility for our deck.

But, all decks can run into problems and not draw the cards they need to win, so we are packing a little card I would now like to introduce, and its name is Embercleave and oh boy does THIS. THING. END. GAMES. Attach this to Tajic, and son, it's all down hill for your opponent, and god forbid this finds its way onto a Aurelia. More than most times though, this will end up being attached to a Boros Challenger or a Tenth District Legionnaire and that is still fine too, as these guys will still hit like a truck.

Our last two non-creature spell are a pair of Justice Strike for any really big creatures that find there way onto to the field and are hindering our ability to attack profitably. Resembling something of a Boros Doomblade, many times this card simply reads destroy target creature and is a dandy inclusion.

Our land base is still very simple containing four Sacred Foundry, four Temple of Triumph and both seven mountains and plains. Gone to the rotation pile is Clifftop Retreat, farewell my child, you may now rest.

Our side-board helps to shore up matches against some deck we might not have a great match up against such as control or midrange decks. A pair of Boncrusher Giant gives us additional burn, and a body to help beat face with. Deafening Clarion is a piece to help against other low to the ground aggro decks, with either the giant life swing it represents or by clearing the board so our creatures can crack in for damage. Yes I know that our dudes take the damage as well, but remember that Tajic prevents that damage, and if you pull that play off, you win via style points anyways. An additional pair of Justice Strike for annoying big creatures, and two copies of Shock for that little bit extra burn at a cheap cost. The two Outlaws' Merriment seem like a solid include against a control deck, with it's constant supply of creatures of varying degrees of smash face, but all ultimately useful in some way. Finally a pair of Unbreakable Formation for either alpha striking when we need to end the game in a hurry, or for surviving a control decks wrath or other board wipes utilized by other more midrangy decks.

There you have it, the revamped and reignited Boros Aggro. I hope you enjoyed this deck list and I hope I earned your upvote. Have a good night and happy smashing.

Hold fast, stay strong. For the Legion!


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