This is not a strictly rebel tribal deck, but all of the combos rely on rebels in some way.
The deck is not meant to be hyper competitive.
There is a very light stax/hate sub theme to slow down opponents.
The main idea is to get out the few evasive rebels in the deck and possibly some other smaller creatures, then pump them with Mirror Entity .
Alternatively, there are a few combos that can give easier wins.

Main combos:
- Children of Korlis + Phyrexian Processor = Big tokens.
- Outrider en-Kor + Task Force + either of Miren, the Moaning Well , Gauntlets of Light = Infinite life or damage.
- Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth = Infinite mana. Goes well with Mirror Entity .
- Cho-Manno, Revolutionary + Pariah = Can't take combat damage.

Other notable cards:
- Scroll Rack = One-sided wheel with Lin Sivvi out.
- Maskwood Nexus = Deck becomes a toolbox. Lin Sivvi can tutor and tuck back any creature that dies.
- Recruiter of the Guard = Still need to tutor up other small creatures that AREN'T rebels.
- Remorseful Cleric = Included over other, arguably better, graveyard hate so it could be tutorable by Lin Sivvi after Maskwood Nexus hits the field.
- Stoneforge Mystic = Very few targets, but all are great. Lightning Greaves is for protecting Lin Sivvi, Sword of the Animist is for ramp, Shadowspear is for potentially pushing through a trampling Task Force after combo, or making sure a board-wipe goes through. Illusionist's Bracers helps with finding combo pieces or simply more creatures for critical mass/swarm wins.


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