1) mulligan til you have a spell you can cast [this is essential, as the deck won't function.] The card can be any spell regardless of cmc, you won't be using lands to play it. You'll be using Codie to play it. 2) turn 3 play codie 3) turn 4 tap codie add WUBRG, cast card > Codie trigger (look for instant or sorc with CMC less than, cast card exiled with codie for free![before or after the spell you originally cast resolves, most of the time it doesn't matter because all the spells sift through the deck]) 4) get Mana Severance or Selective Memory to filter out everything that isn't nonland and/or land ( make sure to keep a land that can kill codie since you can't cast Thassa's Oracle with Codie out!) 5) Cast Thassa's Oracle without having Codie on the BF by bouncing him, exiling him, or sacrificing him. you should have enough mana to cast thassa's oracle and to pay for the land sac cost. 6) if no reponses then you win! :D

This deck can win pretty easily if people aren't ready for what you have in store for them. This is a pretty focused win condition so someone countering thassa's oracle could make you lose completely! So you can add counters or run recursion spells depending on the playgroup :) have fun!


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