My go at an Aristocrats-style build for Ayli. One of my first EDH decks I built was a god-awful cleric tribal deck with her at the helm. I love Ayli as a commander, so this is an attempt to do something much better than that first try. Some clerics made the leap to this version, but the deck is a lot more balanced now.

My primary wincons revolve around creating infinite death loops coupled with Blood Artist triggers. Recurring Kokusho, the Evening Star will also get me there. If I have no other option, I can always swing for the fences with token overrun from Elenda, the Dusk Rose and Grave Titan .

There are several ways for the deck to go infinite, but they (almost) all currently depend on Ashnod's Altar . In any case, pulling off any of the combos below with a Blood Artist / Zulaport Cutthroat on board wins the game.

  • Fiend Hunter / Tidehollow Sculler / Leonin Relic-Warder + a sac outlet in response to their ETB trigger: lets us permanently exile the targeted card.

  • Animate Dead -type card played on Karmic Guide in the graveyard: lets us reanimate any other creature in my yard without the negatives of the reanimation aura. Both the Guide and the aura end up in the grave.

  • Sun Titan + any of the reanimation auras: lets us return any other creature in a graveyard to the battlefield. Allows for some very strong loops that don't necessarily go infinite.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I've played only a handful of games with the deck so far, and am always eager to try out the latest batch of changes. I've added tags to some cards to get a better idea of the deck's composition, am seeking to pick up a copy of Cabal Coffers , ideally through trade.

Wrath of God is actually Dusk / Dawn , but it bothers me how this site counts Dusk / Dawn as a 10cmc card, throwing off the average cmc and curve chart..


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