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Rhys the Redeemed Commander

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Rhys the Redeemed is a fun commander to play. This GW (Selesnya) commander is a one man (elf?) army, having the ability to make a token and then double (or more!) the number of tokens in play every turn.

Rhys the Redeemed is tied for the cheapest commander, costing only 1CMC. There are only 7 Legendary Creatures as of the writing of this with a casting cost of 1 and they are all mono-colored, except Rhys the Redeemed. Rhys having a hybrid is a great boon to this already versatile commander.

Because the main combo of the deck is completely built into the commander, the other 99 can focus on utility or dropping more tokens. Rhys the Redeemed two abilities are:

: Create a 1/1 green and white Elf Warrior creature token.

: For each creature token you control, create a token that's a copy of that creature.

With Rhys alone on the table, you can start making tokens and then start doubling them. The rest of the 99 is divided into 8 categories of support with a primary focus of ramping and making more tokens. Some of the cards in the list fall under multiple categories as well.

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Ramping Mana is a strong suite of green, but since the curve of this deck is on the low side I really focused more on tutors and utility cards.

Gaea's Cradle is an amazing card in this deck. While it's not a requirement, the amount of mana that this card can put out is insane. Sadly the pricetag is huge on this card.
Sol Ring: This one really needs no explanation. There is a reason it's in 99.9% of the commander decks out there.
Mana Crypt falls into the same category as Sol Ring. The reason it doesn't see play more is the restrictive price tag.
Elvish Archdruid is a great and affordable piece of ramp for this deck. While it's not a tribal deck it has a large number of Elves and token elves
Priest of Titania is in for the same reason as the Elvish Archdruid
Growing Rites of Itlimoc   is the poor man's Gaea's Cradle. It fills the role but is slower. It does have the added bonus of digging for a creature, but there is a time ever its susceptible to enchantment remarkable removal.
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is an ok card in this deck but really doesn't get a chance to take off until later in the game. It acts as a decent back up to Gaea's Cradle if the Cradle happens to get destroyed

Conclusion: As it sits there are some additional upgrades that can be done to the deck to improve it. The two upgrades that I'm looking at for the deck right now is Mana Vault and Mox Amber.

Voice of Resurgence is an easy way to get a token generator on the board early. With a casting cost of for a 2/2 the ability puts it in the running for the best bear in Magic:

Whenever an opponent casts a spell during your turn or when Voice of Resurgence dies, create a green and white Elemental creature token with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures you control."
This gives you a blocker and a deterrent to people casting on your turn as that token can get insanely big later into the game.

Ant Queen with a CMC of 5 this isn't an early bomb but it's 5/5 body and ability to pump out 1/1 for the low cost of while not having to tap makes it one of the best token producers.
Wood Elves
Enlightened Tutor
Crop Rotation
Chord of Calling
Evolving Wilds
Fauna Shaman
Windswept Heath
Natural Order
Mwonvuli Acid-Moss
Knight of the Reliquary
Stoneforge Mystic
Ring of Three Wishes
Eternal Witness
Scryb Ranger
Seedborn Muse
Staff of Domination
Sun Titan
Mirari's Wake
Mosswort Bridge
Oracle of Mul Daya
Wirewood Lodge
Windbrisk Heights


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