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This is Gb Elves. Main win con is Shaman of the Pack, with Ezuri as a great backup win con as well. The deck has been streamlined for consistency rather than running a lot of 1 of's like the GW version.

Currently trying to mess with the sideboard to get it right.

My meta consists of U Tron, abzan company, delver of all sorts, affinity, twin, and GB/x. Those are the most common. I also do run into random yet established decks such as living end, tokens, hatebears, elemental combo, 4cGifts, etc.

*please be advised, if your comment is going to be some bullshit garbage, don't bother.


Updates Add

Added kitchen finks and abrupt decay. Took out e. Witness, the elf tribal enchantment, and relic.

Trying to see if sylvan messenger shi ukd be in. I've been testing with 2 in and -1 lead the stampede and -1 dryad arbor

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