Updated for the May 20th 2019 B&R restriction - pour one out for Daze.

UG Madness is a tempo oriented deck that operates mostly at instant speed through the power of Wild Mongrel . The core gameplan of the deck is to stick an early threat - generally Mongrel or Arrogant Wurm - and use your considerable permission to protect it from removal and slow the opponent down. Remember that, if you Vapor Snag the only creature blocking a trampler before damage is dealt, your creature will deal full damage to the defending player. Combined with kicked Vines of Vastwood or discarding your hand to Mongrel, you can end up closing out games you have no business winning.

Overall, UG madness is a fun deck that presents you with a lot of interesting lines in-game. For veterans, it's a nostalgic callback to standards of decades past, while newcomers can discover the joy of throwing your hand at the opponent's face to steal a game. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in pauper or madness, and I'm happy to talk about it. There are a huge number of viable cards for the archetype in pauper, and my build is always being updated, so ideas and suggestions are definitely welcome.

If you like the deck or archetype, you might also enjoy my build of RG Madness, which puts an aggressive twist on the classic trio of Wild Mongrel/Basking Rootwalla/Arrogant Wurm.


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