Fill graveyard in early game, cast Araumi, encore targets that will win the game through value.

Changes: Rhystic Study for Military Intelligence Toxic Deluge for Decree of Pain Cyclonic Rift for Displacement Wave Took out reality shift for you find the villains lair Took out demons disciple for Archaeomancer
Took out Vizier of Tumbling Sands - already have thousand year elixir Took out Rings of Brighthearth - already have thousand year elixir Took impaler shrike out - don’t like the “may” although the flying might make it better Took out strategic planning - want to be able to discard cards from my hand, not only cards from my library Took out champion of wits - idk just not feeling it Rain of revelation - good because instant but idk just expensive for four Took out funeral rites - replaced with frantic search which I think is just a better version because no mill and no life lost. Although funeral rites does filter through deck quicker but frantic search uncaps lands which I think is more valuable Took out embalmers tool - idk if 1 reduced cost is good enough to keep in deck Took out refers veil because rare card Took out noxious gear hulk because very expensive to destroy creatures and gain life but cheap card to buy and kinda strong in blink? Took out vile entomber as I already have Orin loremage, both basically do the same thing and tutor for the same number of cards when encored. Orin is repeatable but has to tap. Cards are interchangeable. Took out agadeems awakening. Hard card to obtain, expensive to cast. If ever obtain somehow, replace a swamp with it.


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