A improved version of my previous decks:

Scrap Titan, Eggs - one is edible!

The easier loop to pull of (and one that's easy to go to after a convoluted one) is: Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle + Grinding Station + Scrap Trawler + Etherium Sculptor (for cost reduction) and one (1 costed) artifact.

With Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle , Grinding Station and Etherium Sculptor out, you cast a artifact for zero returning Scrap Trawler . Then, when the artifact ETB you sacrifice it with the Grinding Station untap trigger on the stack and afterwards sacrifice the Scrap Trawler to return the one CMC artifact.

I want to make this deck as competitive as possible while still being budget friendly. Any and all sugestions in this direction are welcome.


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