Game plan:

  • Build a board state by ramping quickly and using some token generators to get stuff on the board.
  • Get a big pay token generating creature like Sharding Sphinx or a cheeky pinger like Psychosis Crawler .
  • Use one of the many copy mechanisms to create a copy, use Brudi then turn all your tokens into them.
  • Crush your enemies before you! With Sphinx that's a shitload of tokens, with the Crawler your wheels will do a lot of damage.
  • There are 2 infinite combos in there for finishing out games, however this deck can easily win by going wide with combat damage or wheeling for a lot of damage with multiple copies of Psychosis Crawler out.
  • People will often go after Brudi, so it's good to keep counters for this or get Padeem, Consul of Innovation out to protect if you can.


  • Everything is with mana rocks here, Ashnod's Altar is a fiend in this deck as you can sacrifice your tokens for mana every turn.
  • Because there is a decent amount of ramp it's easy to vomit out an entire hand and then end up with nothing mid-game.. This is why there's a lot of wheels, and they have synergy with Niv-Mizzet, Parun / Psychosis Crawler .
  • Discarding when you have Feldon of the Third Path can also be in your favour as it's easy to recur and also copy.


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