Fat Guy Gaming Presents: BEND THY KNEE!

The second deck in the "Fat Guy" deck series, BEND THY KNEE! is a Political Hugs deck centered around Kenrith, the Returned King, the Throne of Eldraine Buy-a-Box promo.

To be effective, the deck takes a political spin on traditional hug themed decks. Every time you take an action, you want to benefit yourself AND an opponent. You won’t have any group hugs, so choose who you hug carefully! “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!”

BEND THY KNEE is a casual deck designed to have fun; there are no infinite combos or “gotcha” win conditions. When you play this deck, plan on having a good time. If you win, great. If you lose, we hope you had fun making people work for the win. So far, every time we've played this deck at our LGS, everyone in the pods had a great and interactive time! (Still undefeated!)


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As always, thanks for stopping in. After a couple months, we are pleased to report that Bend Thy Knee is still undefeated at the local game stores in our area.

Despite being undefeated, many players have praised the deck as a fun, inclusive, and interactive deck. We think that the reason this deck shines in a casual/semi-competitive meta is because, the deck very rarely plays to win... until it can win. Before that, the goal of the deck is to keep the board state balanced and enjoy the company at the table.

One of the most common questions we get is "what does a competitive build look like?" The short answer is, "we don't know." That's a question for cEDH communities. The premise for our building Bend Thy Knee is to prevent experiences where the first pod ends in 10 minutes, and players are stuck waiting an hour for the next pod.

That said, we were curious what it would look like if we did run a full non-budget version of the deck. It's a little less hugsy, and the politics are much less inclusive/friendly, but here are a few updates we're considering to focus on personal board state as well as lowering the CMC of the deck.



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