Welcome to my take on a Brago blink deck. This deck is meant to be around a 7 power level. No infinite combos and no fast mana keep the power level down enough for this to be a great option at casual tables. This decks current record is 1-7.

The goal of this deck is destroy your opponent with value. A lot of these cards may not look very strong on their own, but the ability to flicker and blink them multiple times a turn to take advantage of their ETB's is BACKBREAKING for your opponents. The best part of this deck is that you don't really seem like a threat until it’s too late and there is nothing they can do to stop you.

The main way to win is by creating so many tokens that your opponents simply cant stop your board presence all while using your value pieces to keep a full grip, answer threats, and keep your opponents in check while you overwhelm them with tokens! The two main win cons I’d like to highlight are Call for Unity as it pumps your giant army making it lethal in just a couple turns. And Altar of the Brood since so many permanents will be entering the battlefield that milling your opponents becomes an easy possibility.

If you like this take on Brago then leave an upvote or comment! I always love talking magic and would love to hear what you think.


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