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More Mana Than You Could Ever Need

The general idea is simple Marwyn, the Nurturer can produce a lot to infinite mana that can be spent on casting as many creatures (mostly elves) as possible then making them big and swinging for lethal or in many cases for much more.

Welcome to my primer to Dominarias most famous midwife Marwyn, the Nurturer. The sub sections bellow explain how the deck works, what cards are key game pieces as well as explain why I've chosen some of the cards and more. Hope you'll enjoy my creation, however this is definitely a work in progress and is far from being finished. Therefore, any and all comments and suggestions are welcome as I definitely need help to make the deck more competitive and I'm forever struggling with dilemma of what to take out :)

If you enjoyed the deck and your stay with Marwyn's Elves please leave a comment and an upvote :)


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