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Ah, yes. Who doesn't love a cute ol squirrel? Well, how about 5,000 of them?

An adaptation of my old Angus Mackenzie Squirrel Deck before squirrels were the hot fad. That's right, I was doing squirrels before you kids even knew squirrel tribal has always been viable!

Anyway, this deck wants to see Chatterfang hit the ground fast and hard, getting a Lightning Greaves or a Swiftfoot Boots on him as fast as possible or getting out a Steely Resolve to give all your best squirrel friends Shroud because you're very quickly going to look like a big target.

Besides there being great beat down options with Chatterfang, Squirrel General's forestwalk ability mixed with cards like Alpha Status and Toski, Bearer of Secrets, the possibilities with token generation are endless and if you play it right you'll be cruising in no time.

There's a few value engines in the deck with one infinite mana combo with at least one token:Squirrel+ Chatterfang, Squirrel General+Ashnod's Altar+Pitiless Plunderer where you can continue sacrifice the squirrel over and over while producing and a Treasure. It's very fun to pull off and you'll be casting like a champ but this is a relatively casual deck so it's not so hyper-efficient, you'll draw eyerolls. But you might be drawing eyerolls if you parlay all that infinite mana and a sac engine into a well-timed Liege of the Hollows especially with a token doubler. A lot of the time that's a GGs.

There's also a fun little Food subtheme that I really enjoy since Chatterfang, Squirrel General creates a token:Squirrel every time ANY token hits the field, not just creatures. Giving cards like Food, Gyome, Master Chef, Gilded Goose, and Gingerbread Cabin some serious playability. Not to mention the Treasure you'll be dropping with cards like Tireless Provisioner, Crack Open, Deadly Dispute, and the aforementioned Pitiless Plunderer.

It's an extremely fun deck and your little squirrel friends are going to have a blast shredding through opponents.


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