Hello, this is my version of a modern deck that focuses around the Bogbrew Witch, Bubbling Cauldron, and most importantly Festering Newt.

If no players are gaining life, the deck needs to sacrifice 5 Festering Newt to win. This goal does not require Bogbrew Witch to deal 4 damage per target.

This is a multiplayer deck, it's intended to be semi-casual against 4 players or more. This deck shines in multiplayer because Bubbling Cauldron + Festering Newt allows me to gain 16 life per sacrifice, and deal 4 damage to each player per combo.

This combo can become scarier with Unwinding Clock since it untaps Bubbling Cauldron letting me sacrifice Festering Newts on the opponent's turn.

Sacrifice is the main theme, while life gain is a passive theme.

Cemetery Puca was included because it can become a copy of Festering Newt when the newt dies.

Havengul Lich was included to bring Festering Newt back to the battlefield for 1 mana and 1 black mana (since that's what it costs to cast).

Bloodbond March was included to bring back 3 Festering Newt from the graveyard after playing one to the battlefield.

Since Havengul Lich causes you to cast a creature from the graveyard, it activates Bloodbond March. Although it can not be done at instant speed, Alchemist Refuge allows it (will add in future).

Cauldron Familiar + Witch's Oven was included because it's a cheap sacrifice outlet and life gain combo.


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