This deck is designed to do something different every game, and it never fails to surprise! It runs ~30 changelings and ~20 creatures that offer tribal bonuses. Since changelings are every creature type, the tribal bonuses offered by creatures like Najeela, the Blade-Blossom, Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, and Risen Reef will apply to most of your other creatures. I tried to only have one of each tribe, each with a unique effect. The end result is various ways of beating face.

One fun strength of this deck is that you can swap commanders between The Ur-Dragon, Sliver Overlord, and Reaper King for an even higher variance of play. The reason I like Ur-Dragon in the Command Zone by default is because he reduces the cost of your dragons (changelings) by 1 generic mana. This offsets the less-than-ideal 5-color manabase.

5-color mana bases on a relative budget are difficult, but there are some interesting inclusions here. Lorwyn had some dual tap lands that come into play untapped if you reveal a specific creature type (or changeling) from your hand. Strangely, three are ally colors and two are enemy colors. Battlebond lands are an instant inclusion. Signet lands, originally from Odyssey and later reprinted, are nice for coming in untapped but can hold you back if you need to tap the color you need in order to use them. New Triomes just replace old tri-lands so you can nab them with Farseek.

If you choose to make something like this, experiment with other tribal creatures. There are SO MANY. Be careful about your shapeshifter-to-tribal ratio, though. If you don't have enough shapeshifters, the tribal effects will be effectively useless.


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