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Let them fight! (Godzilla)

Commander / EDH Fight God RG (Gruul) Trample




This is my take on a Godzilla EKH (Elder Kaiju Highlander) deck. Of course the creatures have a higher power to toughness stat block while having low CMC. In addition I have made use of the fight mechanic (which delights me to no end) and cards that increase my creatures power (preferably used to double Godzilla's power for a easy commander damage win). In games I have played, typically I have won by a combination of commander damage and swarming other players with my other creatures in the same game; usually commander damage kills are used against the control player early on before they have time to get comfortable.

One of my preferred ways of winning is using Exponential Growth to get Godzilla's power to 56 (8 mana) with Toralf, God of Fury   on the board and then make Godzilla fight a opponents weakest creature with excess damage being applied to player and wiping them out (with multiple sources of fight I can theoretically kill multiple players before even swinging in for combat.)

Other key cards include

  • Proud Wildbonder = Allowing Godzilla to kill off opponents even if they block with enough high toughness creatures.
  • Neyith of the Dire Hunt = Rewards fighting/attacking and doubles a creatures power. It fits in the deck so perfectly.
  • Malignus = Great creature to target with double power effects.
  • Ulvenwald Tracker = consistent fight enabler.
  • Defense of the Heart = The deck is fairly cheap to play and aggressive but there will likely be another player at the table who outpaces this deck. Nice way to keep up while outvaluing them.
  • Triumph of the Hordes = To be fair most decks benefit from this card. Sometimes you just need to end the game/ take out an opponent who has you otherwise locked down and this card can help with that.
  • Xenagos, God of Revels = Haste and double power. That's all folks.
  • The Great Henge = Very easy to get out in this deck and keeps the cards coming
  • All 3 of the planeswalkers enforce deck premise or cover a weakness of the deck


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