This is my group hug deck. Unlike other Group Hug decks, mine is not a trap, meant to lull gullible opponents into believing that I'm helping them only to set them up for some ridiculous combo kill. And unlike other, other Group Hug decks, it's not all fluff with no protection. Instead, I intend to help everyone while keeping them from being able to stop me from helping. Then, once my opponents are properly pinned into place and cannot stop me, I end the hug with Divine Intervention, so no one has to lose!

I love Enduring Ideal. This deck's primary gameplan is to help flagging opponents with stuff like Dakra Mystic, Sheltering Ancient, Soldevi Sentry, etc. and then to tighten the group hug with Enduring Ideal. I select the enchantments that appear best-suited to tightening that hug.

Moat + Sandwurm Convergence means no creatures can attack me.

Dovescape + Humility means that all creatures are 1/1 with no abilities and all non-creature spells are countered and replaced with 1/1 creatures with no abilities.

Greater Auramancy and Sterling Grove protect my other enchantments.

Quest for Ancient Secrets and The Mending of Dominaria let me shuffle my graveyard back into my library.

In a pinch, there's always Solitary Confinement.


Updates Add

I might get back to playing this deck more soon. Switching out some slots that didn't appeal to me in the past for some cards that might work better.

-1 Tempt with Discovery

-1 Talisman of Curiosity

-1 Talisman of Progress

-1 Talisman of Unity

+1 Harrow

+1 Kami of False Hope

+1 Roiling Regrowth

+1 Sanctum Weaver


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