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$15 White Changeling Tribal (WIP)

Modern* Aggro Budget Mono-White Tribal


Work in Progress, any suggestions will help.

Changelings, a lonely faction of shapeshifters who have no form to call their own, unite to create a fast paced army to maul anyone who stands in their way. They count as all creature types.

The main win condition of the deck is getting a small changeling on the field early, such as Universal Automaton, Imposter of the Sixth Pride, Mirror Entity, or as a last resort, Irregular Cohort. The reason is that Valiant Changeling can then come in for just 2 white mana due to his ability, so by turn 2-5, you have a 3/3 doublestriker on the field. Protect him and make him big by using using Favor of the Mighty, Unconventional Tactics, Vampire's Zeal, Test of Faith, Emerge Unscathed, Repel the Abominable, and Strata Scythe.


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