This started out as an experiment to see if I could stick Delver into an Izzet Prowess build, and quickly evolved into a true Tempo Delver strategy. XX There's still some spell numbers that I'd like to play with, and I'm torn between Dreadhorde Arcanist versus Young Pyromancer. Arcanist gets more value over the game, but needs to survive to combat and relies on the graveyard, which, with Goyf, Wrenn, and Reveler, leaves me real cold to grave hate. Young Peezy can get value immediately, but is more fragile and 1/1's dont always impact a game meaningfully. Maybe Snap is the right answer. Regardless, I'm happy with where this is going. XX

OK, scratch that bit about Arcanist vs Peezy vs Snapcaster. It's time to test Magmatic Channeler! Still play out of the 'yard, so that soft spot still exists. But an easy 2 mana 4/4 with card 'draw'? Yeah, no. This will not be being ignored.

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