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Taigam, Ojutai Master

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Taigam, Ojutai Master offers a lot of interesting deckbuilding paths. You can go all-in and try to abuse Taigam or make it a more value-oriented build. You can focus on taking extra turns or drawing extra cards or just keeping your opponent's side of the board clear.

My deck is built more to abuse Taigam than anything else. Normally in a UW deck I would run cards like Detention Sphere, but here I don't because it's not an instant or sorcery and therefore can't be rebounded.

This deck is great against creature decks that can present just a single large blocker to try to deal with Taigam. I have many ways for Taigam to be unblockable or to remove the blocker during the declare attackers step. It is less effective against decks with many threats, or heavy control decks that don't allow me to resolve Taigam in the first place. But if Taigam does resolve against a control deck, I'm in a very good position to win due to all my spells being uncounterable.

There are a few extra turns cards in here, but I wanted every spell in the deck to be playable on its own rather than only good if I'm already successfully attacking with Taigam (i.e. "winning").


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