Pretty simple concept ramp your way to victory by beating down your opponents. While the Devoted Druid + Vizier of Remedies combo is a luxury in this deck, it's not our primary win condition and shouldn't be relied on to seal any victories. The combo is great for baiting out removal and hate cards also, it's possible to steal the game by T3 using the infinite mana combo paired with Walking Ballista to generate lethal damage.


This is an aggro ramp deck based on dropping extremely large and often times uncounterable creature's as quickly as possible. We curve out fairly quickly but nonetheless rely on ramping with Birds of Paradise, Utopia Sprawl, Devoted Druid, and Noble Hierarch. These cards allows to cast extremely large psudeo-evasive creature's fairly early (T3/T4) in the game and beat down the opponent.

Competitive Score, based on real-world testing I don't trust Tappedout's meter since this deck can hang with several other tier one decks.

Performance FNM 14-FEB-2020, 3-1 4 rounds

G1: E-Tron 1-2 - The first match was extremely entertaining as we where able to beat down our opponent with comboing off for a win. However, the next two games didn't go so well thanks to Blast Zone, Chalice of the Void wrecking our ability to play fair magic. I suspect Tron matchups are going to very rough for this deck all around.

G2: Grixis Deaths Shadow 2-1 - Each game morphed into a mid-range matchup as my opponent routinely removed my combo pieces with Thoughtseize, Dismember, Inquisition of Kozilek and Fatal Push. Mistcutter Hydra, Walking Ballista, Veil of Summer and Path to Exile stole the game and in the end we managed to simply outplay the linear nature of Death's Shadow decks.

G3: Mono Blue Delver Tempo 2-0 - Very weird match but either way we beat out opponent down with Mistcutter Hydra and there was very little we could do to stop it. He did manage to get us to 5 life on G1 but a 12/12 Mistcutter Hydra managed to put work in and crush his hopes of ever winning.

G4: Humans 2-1 - These game where awfully close and we had an exceptionaly difficult time dealing with Meddling Mage the first game. Either way humans lacks any real types of removal spells aside from Plague Engineer so we where able to go off by T3 in both G2 and G3 using Walking Ballista for lethal.

Performance FNM 21-FEB-2020, 4-1 5 rounds

G1: Humans 2-1 - Yet again this deck was simply able to out manuver and out tempo humans fairly consistently. We where able to combo off two games in a row and lethal with ballista.

G2: Heliod + Coco 2-0 - Seriously hilarious, because both games required a judges ruling based on timing/sequencing of events. Since MTG doesn't technically allow one to declare infinite as a valid number for life gain, mana, counters etc; I won on the basis of simply declaring a much higher number than my opponent with regards to damage vs life gain.

G3: E-Tron 1-2 - Still our worst matchup by far, but the only redeeming factor was wrecking our opponent on G1 by T4 with Ballista. Our major problem is Blast Zone pretty much wrecks our board pretty bad and very consistently, not to mention all of the other hate bearing cards Karn can tutor. Not to be salty but it high times WOTC drops the ban hammer on Urza lands lol.

G4:Mono-Blue Delver 2-0 - Nothing more than a repeat of last week, that is Mistcutter Hydra took a massive shit on my opponents deck. Also, I simply believe he was playing a budget deck that got out valued card wise. Nonetheless, both games where very close because I had to ask permission to play magic both games and with multiple Delver of Secrets   on the battlefield that's not a good thing.

G5: Burn 2-1 - I got my opponent the first game with Wurmcoil Engine by T4, but the remaining games ended in me getting flooded (18 lands wtf??).

Achilles heel - Based on table top testing I have reason to believe this deck doesn't really hang against Burn, Tron, or Prison variants.


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