Well Simian Spirit Guide just got banned, what a tragedy. However, I believe that this deck will evolve and not die. SSG allowed for T2 (and technically T1) wins, which just gave lots of free wins. This deck will still be a consistent T3 deck, but how shall we keep it at the top? Can we? Guess we're gonna find out. Let me know how you think Oops All Spells can evolve!

Current ways to evolve: running an extra land and some Talisman of Dominance . Also, mainboarding the Thassa's Oracle from Memory's Journey backup combo for wide boards and things like Heliod. I'm thinking about switching Belcher from the sb out for Selective Memory as well...

Oops! All Spells is a new combo deck to the Modern format, made possible by the double-faced lands from Zendikar Rising. Thanks to cards like Agadeem's Awakening  , other cards like Balustrade Spy don't see a single land in the entire deck, they only see the spell side of the card. The goal is to flip our entire library into the graveyard, and then use some fun triggers to win the game that same turn. Can you win the game faster than your opponent blinks, and can you be finesse your way around crippling hate cards? Let's find out!

This deck should combo off, without interaction, by Turn 3. A T2 win is not rare, and a T1 win is even possible as well. How does it work? It's quite simple: we have to ramp into one of our 8 deck flippers.


Deck Flippers


The Spicy Stuff

  • Now this is where it gets interesting. After flipping the entire library, we will have some triggers from Creeping Chill (4 of), narcomeoba (2 of), and Nexus of Fate (1 of). The Creeping Chill s will drain for a bunch, Nexus of Fate will jump back into the library so that you don't automatically die next turn, and narcomeoba will trigger the Sword of the Meek (3 of) that we just dumped. Once those artifacts enter, we can exile any other 3 artifacts from out graveyard to return Salvage Titan to our hand, and then sacrifice the Swords or other mana rocks in order to cast it. Once we do that, the Vengevine s (4 of) trigger. We go to combat, and swing in for another 16 damage. And that's that!

Phantasmagorian is in the deck to get essential graveyard cards in the yard in case you draw them.

Turn 3 win

-T1: Land

-T2: Land + Talisman of Resilience (or other mana rock)

-T3: Flipper

There are currently some people crying for Simian Spirit Guide to be banned, in part because of this deck. But let me say, at least for the near future, that isn't going to happen. This deck, even though very good, isn't dominating the format and is very fragile to hate. Now, maybe in the future there is potential for a ban. It's important to be aware of the deck's power, but let me mention some things you need to watch out for:

Graveyard Hate

We straight up lose to virtually all graveyard hate. Rest in Peace , Relic of Progenitus , Surgical Extraction on narcomeoba, it's pretty tough.


Our control matchup is pretty tough. Even though our combo creatures avoid Force of Negation , it can still get our mana rocks, which lets them stall for other counters for our combo guys.

Land Destruction

Cleansing Wildfire is definitely the worst one here.

So what do we do???

This is where the sideboard plays a crucial roll. I am played many games with the deck and have been able to push through this hate, even though it may be difficult.

Against the majority of decks we have a pretty nice chance of winning Game 1. Now, the next part (the hard part) is knowing how to sideboard against their sideboard.

For Graveyard Hate

-I used to have spells like Natural State and Nature's Claim to blow up Relic of Progenitus and Tormod's Crypt . Now, I am just trying to win a different way, through Goblin Charbelcher , or Thassa's Orcale from Selective Memory or Memory's Journey (post-combo).

- Leyline of Sanctity can also help here with things like Nahil Spellbomb.

For Counters

- Savage Summoning :D pretty straightforward.

-Against control another really good card is Thoughtseize . You get to check out their hand and take a card out. At worst, the spell will draw away a counter for itself.

For Creature-Based Hate

- Slaughter Pact and Fatal Push (some people run Vendetta ). This can be helpful for things like Scavenging Ooze or Containment Priest . With Simian Spirit Guide gone, we have to race other fast-ish decks. Killing creatures from decks like Prowess, Druid, and Infect can be really important here.

- It should be noted that the double-faced lands can be cast for their spell side! I have actually one a game by casting two Emeria's Call   while my opponent had me locked with 2 Relic of Progenitus .

-There are about 3 slots in the mainboard for protection cards. This list has 3 Thoughtseize in that slot currently. Now, there are many people who just have all for of those in the sideboard and instead mainboard Leyline of Sanctity or Pact of Negation .

The other decks I've owned have been UG Infect, Hollow One, Seismic Swans combo, and Twiddle Storm. I absolutely love janky and sometimes unfair combo decks. I also really like a budget. Personally, Oops! All Spells fits my kind of deck perfectly. If you are like me, then this is definitely a deck for you! If you prefer more interaction in your games, then maybe not. Either way, it definitely is fun, and I think this deck is a wonderful demonstration of how awesomely MTG cards can work together to flip tables.

Well, there you have it folks! This is the first primer I've made, so if you have suggestions leave a comment! Also, I love the discussion so don't be shy to leave your thoughts down below. If you like the deck or if this reading was helpful for you leave a +1 as well.


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