Hay you found my deck Thank You!

This is my form of Pauper Affinity it uses the big main boys ie. Frogmite and Myr Enforcer as a ramp into the classic Fling and Atog Combo for the win.

A good hand for this deck is around 2-3 land preferable Blue and Red, 1 Thoughtcast, 1 Atog, 1 Frogmite, 1 Springleaf Drum, And 1 Flayer Husk.

On the play:

Turn 1: Play the Blue Land, tap it and play Flayer Husk, End the Turn.

Turn 2: play The Red Land, Tap it play Springleaf Drum, Play Frogmite for free, Tap The Frogmite for Red mna, Tap the Blue Land for Blue man, Play Atog

Turn 3: Tap the Blue land or Sringleaf Drum and a Creature or your choice for Blue mana, Play Thoughtcast and Pray to RNG you get more cheap Artifacts.

If you'd leave a comment on what you think about the deck or anything you think would be a good sub. for anything I would very much appreciate it.


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