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Aurelia, the Warleader

Commander / EDH RW (Boros)


This is a midrange Boros edh deck. Even though Boros is a difficult color to play, Aurelia has been my pet commander since I started playing mtg! The deck plays value creatures with a sub theme in equipment and some token generation.

Some fun cards include chance for glory + angel's grace. This gives you an extra turn plus permanent indestructible on all your creatures! Additionally I added a wincon with saving grace + arcbond. If we can get this on any of the many indestructible creatures and add 1 damage we kill the whole table. As a bonus many of these cards slot into our sunforger package.

At this point I've done my best to focus this deck but would love more input to make it better! Please let me know what you think and any feedback is appreciated.


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