Most people would not easily cite History as their favourite subject or name a museum as one of their top three places to visit. However, Professor Alibou is going to show you the power of Living History - the artefacts and trinkets one would normally put behind a class case or put behind a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign are more than just objects to be studied for a class or a thesis. They mean business and are more than happy to assist you and Professor Alibou in teaching your opponent a lesson or two about dismissing History!

Naturally, cards that refer directly to Archaeology, History, relics, statues and obelisks have been included in this: Archaeological Dig, Excavation Technique, Daring Archaeologist, Digsite Engineer, Reconstruct History, Quintorius, Field Historian, Orazca Relic, Foreboding Statue, Dread Statuary and Unstable Obelisk are the most obvious examples. Investigator's Journal is included because when one is a historian or an archaeologist, we are investigators of the past. Thrilling Discovery is included because it speaks for itself - when a new artefact or historical piece of evidence sees the light of day, it is a thrilling discovery as our knowledge is even more improved.

I have included quasi-sentient and sentient artefacts and totems as part of the theme; Living History is not living without some form of sentience, after all. Sculpting Steel, Awakened Amalgam, Weathered Sentinels, Angel of the Ruins, Shambling Suit, Guardian Idol, Ornithopter of Paradise, Golden Guardian and Sanctum Gargoyle were included for this reason.

As Professor Alibou is primarily a teacher, a lot of school related spells have been included as well. Study Hall, Defend the Campus, Semester's End, Academy Manufactor, and Letter of Acceptance are my overt pieces relating to school. However, Professor Daretti is a member of Alibou's staff of teachers since he has quite a lot of experience excavating artefacts from the ground, i.e. the graveyard. I have also added Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant because I thought it would be fun to have a story where there is a dragon that lives close to Alibou's digsite and when he "dies" they "discover" his precious artefact.

There, yet another theme deck with a concept that I am not used to exploring. I welcome all comments and suggestions on how to optimise this deck! I hope you have enjoyed viewing my deck and I hope you all are doing well.

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