Great balls of fire

This midrange voltron deck attacks with unnaturally fast and powerful creatures and then Brion Stoutarm launches them through the air at opponents like flaming fastballs!

  • You enjoy playing uncommon decks with unique mechanics.
  • You prefer to play your commander every game.
  • You like being the threat at the table.
  • Attacking with big creatures makes you happy.
  • You prefer value engine commanders.
  • You don't like playing your commander every game.
  • You enjoy fast aggro or combo decks over a midrange protect the queen strategy.
  1. Ramp into big creatures.
  2. Get Brion Stoutarm on the field.
  3. Attack and then Fling the big creatures at opponents using Brion Stoutarm's ability.
  4. Bring them back, attack again, and watch Brion throw another fastball!
  1. Damage

Because commander damage is only possible through combat, building a deck around Brion Stoutarm's Fling ability means 40 damage is needed to knock out each opponent.

So the way to win is to play powerful creatures unnaturally fast and then sacrifice them to Brion Stoutarm to achieve double the damage.

  • Insanely fast high power creatures provide double their damage when thrown by Brion Stoutarm.
  • Lifelink being built in to Brion Stoutarm acts as built-in defense.
  • Novelty. This deck can catch people off guard and has cunning tricks that make threat assessment difficult.
  • Fun to pilot and strong without being oppressive.
  • Total dependence on commander without built-in protection from removal.
  • Midrange speed can be overrun by fast aggro decks.
  • Little interaction to disrupt combo or reanimator decks.
  • Limited card draw can impact consistency.


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