Animar has been a commander that I have been interested in for quite a few years now. Animorph was a very interesting deck idea after seeing it on Game Knights years ago. And after playing my Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain so much in the past I thought that I could do something similar with Animar. Just in a different way. The idea behind the deck is quite simple. Artifact creatures are usually only colorless mana. Animar reduces colorless mana for creatures. Therefore, free creatures. Free is always good, and storming is something I am used to with Jhoira. I utilize these free creatures to draw into my win-cons that I will go over in a later section.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful creature? For 3 mana, you can easily drop these creature early in the game and get it ramping up quickly. I will go over the 3 main abilities that Animar has.

  1. Protection from White and Black. What colors have the most removal? White and Black. You can not have Animar be targeted by Path to Exile, Murder, or Darksteel Mutation. And many other similar cards. This is very strong because the main way people have to get rid of Animar is to board wipe, ping it with damage somehow, or counter it when it is cast. This is simply one line on the card. But it is incredibly strong.

  2. Cast a creature? Get a +1/+1 counter. Easy enough. Animar comes out and it is a 1/1. Not very strong. But the more creatures that are cast, the more counters Animar gets. Animar will end up getting many +1/+1 counters on it. And that is very helpful for the next ability. The idea is to cast and curve into creatures that hopefully have siginificantly less cost. Optimally you play Animar, get out something like Ornithopter, cast one of the mana Myr like Copper Myr for 1 less mana, then keep on going. Maybe you have another mana Myr and you get it for free. Now you have 3 +1/+1 counters. Then you can cast maybe a Foundry Inspector for free. So now you have 4 counters, and also artifacts cost 1 less. Now you have yourself a engine. The more counters, and the more mana reducers, the better.

3.Creatures are 1 colorless less per +1/+1 counter. This is what runs the deck. As described above, this is where things can get out of hand. If you have a draw engine, you can just keep on playing creatures and playing them until things get out of hand. For example. If you have Animar, a Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, Beast Whisperer, or even a Vizier of the Menagerie (these all serve different purposes but act the same for what you are trying to do), and you are able to keep drawing into creatures, you get dangerous really fast. These explosive turns are fun and may not end in a win by themselves, but they put you into a fantastic position for later. But they may still let you win depending on what you draw. That will be covered in the Combos and Win-Cons section.

As you can see, Animar is pretty decent. Storming is very possible with this deck and can lead to wins that way, through combat with infinitely sized Animar, or through infinite combos. Animar is a target on the field however. I will go over this shortly in my Protection section.

Why a section for a card that is not the commander? Well, that is because this card is so incredibly powerful with Animar that it sets up so many combos that it needs it's own section because of how important it is for the next section, Combos and Win-Cons. Let's take a look at Ancestral Statue. When it enters the battlefield, you return a permanat to the owners hand. You can target Ancestral Statue itself. So what happens is you have Animar on the field. Let's say you have 0 counters on it. You cast Ancestral Statue and you pay 4 mana. Rough but okay. Maybe you have some mana dorks or rocks out. You then return it to hand. You then cast it again for 3. Then 2, then 1. Then the very important part. You then cast it for free. Again and again and again. And again. This gives Animar infinite counters making everything free (You still have to pay colored mana. But that is not a big deal in the end as we can get infinite mana in many ways). You will see that Ancestral Statue is used a lot in this deck for combos. You don't need to, but it is an easy way to win quickly and efficiently.
There are plenty of potential ways to win. The infinite combos in the deck are pretty easy to move around to however I see fit. As I mentioned in the above section for Ancestral Statue, it can be used in a way to storm off, get infinite counters on Animar, or to draw my deck if I have something like Beast Whisperer. As there are many ways to win, I figure it best just to list the cards that do well with combos that can kind of be piecemealed between various combos. Here they are: Ancestral Statue - Sets up most combos Beast Whisperer, Soul of the Harvest, Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, Primordial Sage, Vedalken Archmage, or Vizier of the Menagerie (In a way) - Infinite card draw. Can easily be done even without Ancestral Statue if I have 2 or 3 of the above out. Laboratory Maniac - Combos with the above very well. Reckless Fireweaver - Infinite Damage Steel Hellkite - With infinite mana, pump it for infinite damage to one target. Mechanized Production - Put this on a Thopter or Myr and it should be easy enough to get a win. Mirrodin Besieged - Unlikely, but this could end up with a win if I get a Vandalblast coming my way. Deadeye Navigator - Can use this, along with infinite mana to do various things. If it has a ETB, I can abuse it. Stonecoil Serpent - Infinite damage if Animar has infinite counters Sai, Master Thopterist and Mirrodin Besieged - Infinite tokens Myr Battlesphere - Big damage to finish players off. ETB I can get a bunch of tokens to make the attack much more impactful. Grand Architect and Pili-Pala - Infinite Blue mana. Which is for the best because of the color distribution of the deck.

Mana of these can be used with various cards. Some are not infinite, some are. but all of them give this deck a good chance of winning by Turn 5.


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