So, I have been thinking about doing Planeswalker tribal for a while now. It started with Gideon and his Gideon of the Trials card. I am sure I wasn't alone in thinking it either. Keeping a Gideon in play to ensure the Emblem was forever online is spicy. But I couldn't make it work, and eventually the idea faded to black.

Cue Coreset 2020. Chandra is the star of the show with FOUR planeswalker cards, if you count the Planeswalker Decks. Not only that, but she got a sweet artifact, Chandra's Regulator. The idea to build Planeswalker Tribal resurfaced, resparked (much like Teferi) and this time I couldn't let the opportunity pass.

I started putting the pieces together, and this is the result. I'd say it has a power rating of 7/10, strong and can easily win games but fair. It does have one infinite combo, but I think it is fair to have and use them if the table knows ahead of time and the game starts to drag. I got a life to live and don't have time to work out of Urza stax locks or wait for the Yarok player to take his 30 minute turn. Or the Golos player pull all 40 lands out of his deck. I have kids to feed.

I digress. This deck has gone through several revisions and obviously it is far from perfect. I am happy to hear any and all advice and critiques any of you fine folk on the internet have to offer me, regarding the deck's improvements. I know I am not the only person to come up with this concept. Hell, Core 2020 practically demanded this deck be made. And I couldn't let it slip by me again. And if this deck does well (spoiler: it is pretty good) I may revisit my first idea and pay homage to the Paladin in the Great Chapel in the Sky...Cathedral...where do paladins go when they die?

The combo, for those that are unaware of how it works: Cloudstone Curio+Planebound Accomplice+Chandra, Torch of Defiance/Chandra, Novice Pyromancer/Chandra, Bold Pyromancer

Any of the above Chandras will work just fine. The mana ability is what we are looking for. As long as you have both Cloudstone Curio and Planebound Accomplice in play, you can pay {R} into Planebound Accomplice's ability to put any of the above Planeswalkers into play. This will trigger Curio. Bounce something if you can/wish then use the mana ability. Now with your 2 {R} floating, use one of them to put another Planeswalker into play, preferably another Mana Walker but it doesn't have to be. Damage Walker would be nice too. The new Walker will trigger Curio and you will bounce your mana Walker you just used back to your hand. Use your last mana floating to put it back into play and the cycle is complete. Repeat to your heart's content. Burn your friends.


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