What happens if we turn the most busted enchantments in Magic into creature tokens and copy them? How could that possibly go wrong?!

The wildest line involves 2 token doublers and Growing Ranks. If you stick a token doubler, things get silly if you can turn another token doubler into a creature (2 actually). If you can then turn Growing Ranks into a token creature (8 actually at this point) and keep them until the next upkeep, it maths out as follows:

Trigger 1: target the token doubler token. Your three 3/3 token doubler zombies will make 8 more. Trigger 2: same. Your 11 token doublers will make 2048 more. Trigger 3: same. Your 2059 doublers will make 6.6185228434044942951864067458396e+619 (that's 619 zeroes, my friends) more. Trigger 4: same. Add those to the previous 2059 (whatevs) and make 2 ˄ 6.6185228434044942951864067458396e+619 plus a few. Trigger 5: same. My calculator just says it has a headache and it hates me. There's still 3 more triggers to go after this one.

So either someone will have the wrath of their lifetime, or you win on your next turn.

Legion Loyalty would probably win the game a turn faster than Growing Ranks. Whatever you pull out of the yard, it's going to be a wild ride.


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