"They were butterflies to them

So they brought their boards to pin

The wings and bodies of our gods

For studying"

I'm actually not generally one to base decks around songs despite a few being named as such by me, but I had been struggling to come up with a fun name for this deck and found Dirt Poor Robin's "Enchanté" with this specific line and it made me think of Shilgengar's and Edgar's sacrifice of angels. Sorry for anyone expecting an enchantment deck.

This is an aristocrats deck with an angel tribal subtheme. Some angels are here because they are useful, like Angel of Suffering or Avacyn, Angel of Hope. Some here, like Seraph of the Scales, are here because I just wanted a reason to use it.We want to sacrifice angels for Mana to either Ashnod's or Phyrexian Altars, to mill ourselves or opponents with Altar of Dementia, or damaging pings/draining with Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist. Rampage of the Valkyries and Grave Pact help control the board, and Bishop of Wings and, if we have enough Blood Tokens already, Voldaren Bloodcaster's flipside Bloodbat Summoner, provides us with bodies to protect ourselves.

We have two ways of going infinite. With Solemnity out, a card already useful for its prevention of our creatures getting Finality Counters, and Luminous Broodmoth, we can infinitely sacrifice creatures to Altar of Dementia to mill opponents out or to another sacrifice outlet to ping opponents to death with Cutthroat or Artist. With Bishop of Wings and Divine Visitation out, the spirits Bishop creates are replaced with Angels which we then can sacrifice to trigger Bishop again to get more spirits-turned-angels to the same result.

With Giada we can also smash face, due to her making our other angels bigger and angels being evasive to begin with.

Dirt Poor Robins is certainly more of a New Capenna vibe, but hey- here's the song the deck title was taken from:


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