Currently, the main 2 decks I am messing with are a 22 land version with 2 Crypt Incursion s and a 23 land version with 4 Island s and 1 Crypt.

The sideboard is very much up for debate, depending on how the meta continues to shift post-M20.


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With the launch of M20, the main card most mill players are adding in is Scheming Symmetry. The discussion then boils down to 1) How many? 2) How does this affect the number of Mission Briefings in the deck? and 3) How does this affect our supplementary cards such as Ensnaring Bridge and Collective Brutality?

While the jury is still out on 3, my belief in regards to 1 and 2 is "3 of each". While the argument can be made for 4 Symmetries, my thoughts boil down to this: while the card is indeed amazing for the deck, it requires other cards to be available for maximum payoff. Also, as soon as a Mesmeric Orb drops, the card's value losses out heavily. As such, I'm not sure it's best to have 4, but am willing to feel things out further.

I've also opted to switch from Ashiok, Dream Render to Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. While I think the former certainly has some applications (especially if the Hogaak meta continues past the July 8 B&R Announcement), she ultimately does a lot to turn our deck off in ways that may not be worth the slots in the sideboard. The latter requires testing but seems promising on paper against control decks, as the ability to steal creatures such as Snapcaster Mage could be back-breaking for those matchups.

Other considerations are Damnation versus Bontu's Last Reckoning and Flusterstorm/Force of Negation versus Dispel/Spell Pierce.

One final card I am considering is Force of Despair, especially if swarming decks become a real problem in the future. Only time will tell.



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