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black death



suggestions please it not perfect yet so tell me what u think

The point of of the deck is to get in as much damage as possible plus have a few combat tricks up your sleevethe best turn one is Thoughtseize then Surgical Extraction to remove a card that they have from the game.

then on turn two be annoying with to get in with damage and kill creatures and have theadlity to use combat tricks to gain life and deal more damage Relentless Dead

EX:turn one; Swamp then Thoughtseize + Surgical Extraction

turn two;Swamp then Relentless Dead or Gifted Aetherborn

turn three;Swamp thenGrotesque Mutation and Coat with Venom on to any create but be strategic u can add these after they declare attackers. so if u can kill a greater thats good but save them to use as life gain and removal and if u have Drana, Liberator of Malakirout use these at bigger life gain u can always use Murder and other cards has removal!

please give this an upvote i honestly don't know why but it makes me feel good


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