This deck wants Mishra, Artificer Prodigy on the board for his triggered ability. I run four to make sure I get one on the board.

Herald of Kozilek -It would be optimal to see this Eldrazi in our oppening hand because of it's cost reduction on both devoid cards and colorless artifacts.

Etherium Sculptor -Same as Herald but strictly for artifacts and is an artifact itself which would trigger Mishra and is an option for Pattern Matcher's ETB.

Pattern Matcher -This artifact creature has proven to be a workhorse in this deck. Cast with at least Herald of Kozilek and Mishra out. It has the etb and triggers Mishra; go get another Matcher (with it's own etb) off the Mishra trigger and then depending on which creatures you have out (like Herald) you can go find another one of each of two (or two of the same) to put in hand. I have looked for another two Herald of Kozileks in past games.

Chrome Replicator -Self-explanatory. Triggers Mishra and is an option for Pattern Matcher's ETB.

Steel Hellkite -Big flying body(s) with fire breathing and removal if it hits face.

Vile Aggregate -Devoid, so it costs less from Herald and proven to be a favorite in the deck. All the artifacts and other Eldrazi count towards its power. Trample and Ingest are added bonuses that can change games.

Silver Myr and Iron Myr to hopefully speed things up a bit.

Visions of Brutality to slow down my opponent.

Serum Visions to smooth out land drops and draws.


Spell Shrivel for protection or to slow/disrupt opponent. With enough Heralds out this could possibly be cast for and seems to be a hassle for opponent if they can't/don't want to pay the . Then the countered spell is exiled.

Pierce Strider -A quick 3 damage (6 if Mishra is out) and a body for attacking/blocking.

Spellskite mainly to protect Mishra, Herald or Sculpter. Fun to catch opponent off guard, paying life to activate because of the phyrexian mana.

Abrade for spot removal.

Tyrant's Scorn for some more interaction.


Mox Tantalite for a bit of free ramp. When cast after suspension, go look for the other one off Mishra. It's a 2 for 1 for free deal.

Glaze Fiend -Another flyer that grows.

Flayer Drone -More bodies in the library. Has a touch of "burn" and adds to Vile Aggregate 's power. Made cheaper via Herald of Kozilek .

Snare Thopter -Hasty flyer(s) for quick damage or set up for blockers.

A lot of the times spells will be cast for free if there are enough Herald of Kozilek s and or Etherium Sculptor s out.

I'm still unsure about the lands. I haven't really had any problems with getting what I needed during a game but I feel the land base could be better.

This deck is pretty fun and is slowly becoming my modern pet deck. Can it be better? Most likely. Help me get it there.



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