Zacama combo deck, the deck is looking to use Zacama to the fullest . if all else fails the are a few combo in the deck

combos Zacama+sanctum of eternity for infinite mana for Zacama's ability's zacama+ temur sabertooth for infinite mana zacama+stormfront riders for infinite mana

once you have inifite mana

zacama+stormfront riders for inifite 1/1's, also stormfront riders acts as cyclonic rift hate to a point, play sparkcaster once you have inifite mana to kill board, archangel of thune+zacama, walking ballista, rhonas the indomitable and newlamog+temur sabertooth

i'm looking to build an optimized zacama deck on a 1-10 scale i am looking for a 7-8. any advice anyone could give would be welcomed.


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