Keeping track of my paper list. Meant for cEDH. Basic plan is something like;

Plan A: Food Chain to go infinite with Prossh, and then any of the numerous finishers.

Plan B: Get back your countered/destroyed Food Chain and try again.

Plan C: Dragon beats I guess?

Upcoming Potential Changes:

Thoughtseize -> Destiny Spinner

Shred Memory -> Mayhem Devil

Wily Goblin -> Dockside Extortionist

Smothering Abomination -> Beast Whisperer

Treasured Find -> Summoner's Pact

Autumn's Veil -> Veil of Summer

Maybeboard Frontrunners (these exclude obvious but expensive inclusions like Mana Crypt and duals):

Treasure Nabber

Imp's Mischief

Lotus Cobra

Priest of Titania

Phyrexian Revoker

Collector Ouphe

Force of Vigor

Potential Cuts:

Gatecreeper Vine

Sylvan Ranger

Wood Elves

Magus of the Wheel

Ingot Chewer

Natural State


Updates Add

Removed ---> Replaced with

Ranger's Path ---> Skyshroud Claim

Decimate ---> Krosan Grip

Sakura-Tribe Elder ---.Arbor Elf

Farseek ---> Fyndhorn Elves

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed ---> Llanowar Elves

Doubling Season ---> Elvish Mystic

Dosan the Falling Leaf ---> Xantid Swarm

For the most part the upgrades are just faster. Now all my ramp is either a one drop creature, or brings in untapped mana so it doesn't kill as much tempo. This also ups the creature count for Survival and Food Chain. Mikey and Doubling Season were too slow or too low impact. Eventually the Melira combo may come out entirely, but for now it's my go to.

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