This is a TRIBUTE! My very first deck was Core 8th edition Goblin Starter deck and Goblins were my go to way to play for many years. Somehow it has taken me 17 years to finally make a formal Goblin Commander deck and of course Krenko, Mob Boss is the go to goblin commander. However, this isn't by any means an optimized Krenko combo deck. In fact I would say you could sub in Pashalik Mons or Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin and the deck would still function just as well. Gameplan: 1. Play goblins, sac goblins = value 2. Steal opponents creatures + sac 'em = VALUETOWN! I took out the old planeswalker package because I had stumbled across a Kiki-Jiki and a Zealous Conscripts so I had to power up the deck a little bit.


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