this is mainly a lotv grixis control, so the deck is tuned to use the gy as much as possible, without having phoenix or tasigur/gurmag shinaningans, except for maybe for Logic Knot wich i can't cut a shell for unfortunatly :/

The is focused on mainly destruction of the opponent plan in the few rounds to then establish dominance over the board keeping them at top deck. Main tools to achive this are - discard:3 Inquisition of Kozilek wich is the go to discard, not much to say, 3 cmc is usualy top curve for most of the decks; 2 Thoughtseize could go up to 3 as well, 5 1 cmc discard spell seems like a good number but not having life gain main board can make using thoughtseize undesirable against most of the aggro decks of the format. on the 3 mana side there is the more valuable discard shell with lotv that can easily take over the game by herself and k command that is sheer value, usualy 2 for 1 on every ocasion. Side i'm also running 2 brutality wich are just amazing, doing everything we need them to do, including kinda gaining us a bit of life against bur (a lost match most of the time tbh) - removal: i'm running a bit light on those in favor of flexibility, fatal push and angrath's rampage ususaly can buy enough time to get to a desirable point. -counters: i know running 3 remands and 3 real counters (archmage's charm and cryptic) seems a bit weak but we are more on the tempo side with counters then anything else, usualy counters, even more now with how fast the meta has got, can't cut it effectively against most of the spells. delaying even just a turn usualy can enable eiher a discard spell to take care of what we were struggling against or even just buying us tempo. also from the side 2 ceremonious rejection can deal with tron when combined with land destruction. -beaters: snap is an allstar, not much to say about it. Dire Fleet Daredevil is kinda of an hate card doubling up as a snapcaster from our opponent's gy, on top of that has first strike wich is relevant based on how many X/1 and X/2 creatures are running around. Seasoned Pyromancer is a realy sweet card in of itself, usualy making 2 tokens and cycling away cards we don't need, fueling our azchanta in the proces. all creatures are also able to be reanimated via Unearth .

in the sideboards there is just hatecards: -deck:fulminator mage is a standard hate for most of the midragy/grindy matchup, most of moderns manabase are so greedy it's enough taking down a land early to snowball down from there; surgical extracting that land is also a way to mess with someone more then is ethical to. also "dodges" removals. - Plague Engineer is a cool card to shut down most of the aggressive decks of the format, usualy killing a bunch of creatures in the proces (human's onedrops, shutting down visir comboes naming cleric). - Yixlid Jailer hates on almost every single gy based deck; if something gets out of it's reach there is still surgical to top it off. tip about this is if you side this in you need to side snap out cause the card will lose flashback the split second it gets it. - Bontu's Last Reckoning is a fine card to use, 1 mana cheaper then damnation, meaning he usualy cuts it to modern standards if we don't have removed anything and are soon to be overrunned. I chose this over anger for the fact that we are reanimating our own stuff from the graveyard making effectively better to kill them rather then exiling them.


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