I don't really know what to say or even why I had the urge to build this sort of deck. I still need to fill in slots but I'm running out of ideas. A stupid, 'arrest' type of deck to jovially lock down opposing creatures for the lols. Just a trolly/for fun type of deck where winning isn't inherently the priority. I should, however, dedicate slots to some win cons (Such as beaters or find some more powerful combos) to lock a win down if need be (Especially since this deck will likely make me a target).

Begun to add more untap mechanics to supplement the theme and reuse the tap inducing creatures or artifacts. Not super familiar with Bant as an EDH color combo as I'm a filthy scrub who plays Mono Red or some blend of Red in EDH, though generally never more than two colors. So any suggestions on things I could very well be overlooking would be swell!

*Note - May remove the old talismans. They are novel but the more I think on it, the more I feel they're a tad too mana intensive for their own good. 3 mana to untap things is cool, in theory. But I'm not sure it'd grant as much versatility as I theory crafted.


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