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Through the Fire and Flames Part 1

Standard Aggro Budget RW (Boros)


I have seen a shed load of Voltron Decks of late and wanted to create my own version as it is a super sweet budget archetype to play.

I present to you:

Through the Fire and Flames Part 1.

'Part 1' I hear you ask?? Why heck yes Part 1! Due to this being such an awesome deck archetype I couldn't decide what colours to play this in. So I've settled for Part 1 being Boros and Part 2 shall be a Jeskai variation of the deck.

The Creature Suite

Dauntless Bodyguard - The biggest weakness of a Voltron Deck is removal, it's a bit of an 'all in' type deck and having a heavily enchanted creature removed is such a blow out and can set you back so far. Dauntless Bodyguard is something I've added in order to overcome this somewhat. If I have this in my opener I will play it as the deck is still an aggro deck and wants to be attacking early, however this is a fantastic play later in the game on turn 3 or 4 in order to protect my win cons. Alas it doesn't overcome Exile removal, but for a whole host of other removal effects it will help greatly.

Adanto Vanguard - A great aggressively costed creature that attacks for 3 damage as a 2-drop. It's sweet. Again it helps shore up the weakness of removal by being resistant to it itself. Even if this guy doesn't get the power boost that the namesakes of the deck get from Enchantments atleast if you do Enchantment him he is less likely to be removed.

Champion of the Flame - One of the namesakes of the deck, adding almost any Enchantment to Champion of the Flame takes him outside of most burn removal, he is going to be attacking quickly for tonnes of damage.

Sram, Senior Edificer - Yes I realise this is a legendary card. Yes I realise I am playing four of this card. Sram is a power house that keeps the deck going. The deck is so cheaply costed that the idea is to splurge my hand out onto the battlefield as quick as possible and keep attacking. Sram is key to keeping the ball rolling. With Sram every aura draws me an extra card, which is super sweet. If Sram is removed or I don't have a redundant copy in my hand then it will be hard for me to keep up with slower decks as they keep removing threats.

Valduk, Keeper of the Flame - The second namesake of the deck. Valduk can win entire games by himself he can be enchanted and protected. Each Enchantment represents a minimum of a further 3 damage on an additional body.

The Enchantment Suite

Cartouche of Solidarity - A cheap Enchantment that boosts my guy, gives them first strike meaning blocking profitably in combat is going to be tricky and it also leaves behind another body for future Enchantments if my creature count runs low.

Cartouche of Zeal - Another aggressively costed Enchantment. Gives the creature a boost, as well as haste and essentially removing my opponents biggest/most prpblematic creature out of the equation for a turn. Ideally I want to play this alongside either of the Flame Bros turn after they can be played.

Frenzied Rage - A big boost to attack and also gives some evasion. Good for getting lots of extra damage through.

See Red - Another big boost to attack and this time the keyword is First Strike. Which essentially gives it pseudo-evasion as my opponent will only throw a creature in the way if they HAVE to in order to mitigate damage.

Compulsory Rest - The only piece of pseudo-removal in the mainboard. It prevents creatures from attacking or blocking. In such an aggressive deck the life gain for my opponent is negligible and if they commit resources to it then that's less resources being added to the board of removing my dudes. Note that this is an aura for triggering Sram which is why this is played mainboard over actual removal.

Honourable Mention

Sheltering Light - the last piece of the puzzle to protect my guys. Prevents them from being destroyed and comes with the slight upside of card selection.

As with all my decks I really really appreciate feedback, advice and suggestions in order to improve so please help make this a better Voltron Deck :).


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