the commander is dina soul steeper, I've never built a cedh deck before and this will be my first attempt to. the idea is that dina is an easy piece to multiple infinite or near infinite combos making it an easy consistent win con. i will be throwing in a couple of redundancy pieces as well as alternate win cons. we shall see how this will go, any help is appreciated. please go to custom ordering to see how things are tagged

Combo line 1 built to cast my whole deck as needed, dina will kill off of life gain with either the high storm count for weather the storm or just the life gain on aetherflux reservoir and aetherflux reservoir and weather the storm can offset the life loss from bolas citadel or necropotence so i don't kill myself

combo line 2 works off the well known exquisite blood infinite combo with dina

combo line 3 isnt infinite, but seems an easy mill win with profane memento or syr konrad with mindcrank. profane memento would need a dina ability but syr conrad would not, also pairs off well with bitter ordeal which would let me pick out the creatures from my opponents decks to remove from the grave, bitter ordeal would not win help with adding cards to the graveyard for the combo, but it would make it way harder for my opponents to win without any of their win pieces if i just exile them all

combo line 4 is infinite mana, with mana sinks to use them with

some of these wins require dina, some don't making for a wide array of options to use from. I do not know if this is good enough to qualify as a CEDH deck as this is my first attemp at building one, but its a fairly mean deck at the least. any suggestions for replacement or better versions of current cards that i currently missed would be helpful. or cards that you believe would not put be as useful as i believe it would be.


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