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+1/+1 counters for cheap, literally

Commander / EDH* Counters GW (Selesnya) Tokens Trample



This is a somewhat straightforward +1 counter deck, looking to get creatures out, pump them up, and hit opponents for more then they bargain for. There exist quite a few good potential additions to this deck, like vigor or vorinclex, but those are expensive and this is a low power level deck. Woven into the deck is also a little voltron potential, by piling counters and finding a way to double them, it's possible for some creatures in the deck to start hitting hard.

It is notable that there are two infinite combos that may go off. In general infinites aren't exactly low power, but these are accidental. If cathars crusade is out, and scurry oak is played, the player may create as many squirrels with sequentially more and more +1/+1 counters on them as they wish. The second combo is when wildwood scourge and enduring scalelord are both out. If a +1/+1 is placed on either creature(like when the scourge is played) they will both scale until the player says good, likely a very big number.


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