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Suicide Black



Suicide black! The ballsiest deck in pauper for sure!
This deck is as reckless as it gets. You'll often end the game with less than 10 life, even versus a control deck.
The goal is to cast as many cheap, aggressive creatures as possible, as fast as possible, then attack!
There's nothing much to say really, it's one of the more straightforward deck in pauper.The deck is strong in no small parts because dark ritual allows for the most explosive start in pauper. With 18 1-drops in the deck, it's not all that rare to have 3 2/2s in play on turn one. This is a clock that not many decks can deal with!
Don't be afraid to keep 1-landers, this deck's curve ends at 2 mana and you don't really want more than that!

As for the sideboard plan, it's pretty simple. If they have sacrifice effects, bring in the ghouls in exchange for other 2-drop creatures. If they can't kill you very fast, bring in the 4 shepherds for other 2-drops. If they have white, bring in the order in exchange for blind creeper. If they play less creatures, cut on the removal to bring in duress and/or apostle's blessing. Here are some examples bellow!

Sideboard Plans

vs delver-fiend
+2 Duress

-2 Blind Creeper

vs Kitty (non-red versions)+2 Order of the Ebon Hand
+4 Shepherd of Rot

-4 Dregscape Zombie
-2 Wretched Anurid

vs Kitty (with red)+1 Order of the Ebon Hand
+2 Cruel Feeding

-3 Dregscape Zombie

vs MBC
+3 Butcher Ghoul
+2 Apostle's Blessing

-2 Order of the Ebon Hand
-3 Wretched Anurid

vs delver
+2 Duress

-2 Wretched Anurid

vs G tron
+4 Shepherd of Rot

-2 Disfigure
-2 Order of the Ebon Hand

vs burn
+2 Duress
+3 Cruel Feeding
+2 Apostle's Blessing (If they have no creatures)

-2 Disfigure
-3 Wretched Anurid
-2 Geth's Verdict (If they have no creatures)

vs teachings variations
+2 Duress
+2 Apostle's Blessing
+4 Shepherd of Rot
+2 Butcher Ghoul

-2 Disfigure
-2 Bonded Construct -2 Order of the Ebon Hand
-4 Wretched Anurid


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