Commander deck idea using the newly revealed Kenrith, the Returned King from Throne of Eldraine, the aim of the deck is to get the pieces together for infinite mana as quickly as possible, then cast Kenrith and sink that infinite mana into one of his abilities, usually is ability to make your opponents draw their entire decks or his and abilities to make a huge creature(s) and attack your opponents directly.

Ways to get Infinite Mana;

Isochron Scepter with Dramatic Reversal imprinted and a mana rock or two = Infinite Colourless or Coloured Mana (depending on what colour mana your mana rocks produce).

Bloom Tender & Freed from the Real or Pemmin's Aura = At least infinite Mana from the Bloom Tender but with other permanents out you might also get infinite mana of other colours as well.

Palinchron & Deadeye Navigator with at least 7 lands in play = Infinite Mana of whatever colour those lands produce.

Devoted Druid & Vizier of Remedies = Infinite Mana, though it is important to note that the druid needs to survive a turn cycle to get rid of summoning sickness or by giving it haste like with Kenrith's red ability. EDIT: To make this line even better if you add in Prismite in the end you can covert that infinite into any colour thus allowing you to cast Kenrith himself if he isn't out and beef up your creatures whilst also giving them haste, it also helps that all three of these pieces can be easily fetched with Protean Hulk .

Worldgorger Dragon & Animate Dead = A infinite near unstoppable loop that exiles your board every time Worldgorger comes in bringing your lands and mana rocks back untapped ready to float the mana before they exile themselves again, use this ability inbetween loops on Kenrith or cancel the loop by either targeting another creature with Animate Dead or using Kenrith's black reanimate ability to return the Worldgorger Dragon before Animate Dead can target it (though that last one is a big risk as you will then just have worldgorger and the rest of your board would be exiled)

Note this last one isn't in my main list purely because of it's real world price

Lion's Eye Diamond & Auriok Salvagers = A classic way to get infinite mana for cheap (mana wise anyway) sadly Lion's Eye Diamond is currently a $220 card which is well out of my price range for the time being, but the combo is in my maybe board ready for when I become rich enough to add it in.


Updates Add

After further play testing I've decided to try and make these win conditions even more consistent, Pemmin's Aura was recommended to me by K1ngMars and I've found it wouldn't hurt to add an extra infinite mana piece to go with Bloom Tender so that has made it in.

I've also found that the most common way I've been getting infinite mana is with Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies as they're both low CMC and can easily be tutored, however this combo only produces infinite green mana which is great if Kenrith it on board, but otherwise I can't really do too much with it all, so I have added in Prismite to filter that infinite green through it and make every colour available to me allowing me to cast Kenrith, give all my creatures haste and beef them up to swing for lethal, it also helps that all of these pieces can even be tutored for with Flash Hulk.

The cards that I have taken out are Biomancer's Familiar and Training Grounds, these two may seem like strange choices to take out as they help reduce Kenrith's abilities, whilst this is true looking back now they also seem unnecessary, the aim of this deck is to get infinite mana as quickly as possible and once I have that I'm more than happy to pay the full amount for Kenriths abilities which essentially makes Grounds and Familiar rather pointless inclusions in the deck, further testing may add them back in but for now they don't seem worth it for the overall end game.


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