From my world the sun faded / And the moon from my sky was gone with stars / I came home to a bleak room of sorrow / Forsaken house, place of grief, in solitude

I listened to my heart beating / The faint rush of my blood / I listened to my heart beating / The echoes from space

Something moving in the emptiness / Something drew me near / Someone told me of my future deeds / Whispered them in my ear

The sky stirred / The lights of space flared / Beneath my feet / The living earth started to breath

The sky is mine / This sword is mine / This fate is mine / This miracle, mine

From steel I made the master's sword / Cleaving stone, cliff, a mountain / From darkness I stepped / Onto the path of stars

-"Sky is Mine" by Amorphis. These lyrics remind me so much of Sarkhan's story being summoned by Ugin, through time and space, to reforge fate itself to allow for a Tarkir with dragons. That's why I built this deck, to pay homage to my favorite set Tarkir. And that's why I can't part with the legendary Tarkir dragons and their Dragonlord counterparts. But given that the tribal is dragons, it is entirely functional in beating down your opponents through sheer force.


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