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This is my personal deck that I use to destroy my opponents 9/10. It has even beaten Commander decks on occasion due to it's robust power. The reason it is so powerful comes from its diversified power center: it has several combos that do not rely upon each other at all that are strong in their own right but when amalgamated become an unstoppable force of Indestructible, Vigilance, Flying, Lifelink, Deathtouch, First Striking swarmers with massive benefits upwards of +3/+3. The reason that this deck remains playable and is not choked with high-cost super powers is because this deck uses entirely one set of sleeves that I have. Therefore the number of cards cannot exceed 79. For instance, when I added Bow of Nylea I had to remove a Jungleborn Pioneer (easy choice). I have done this to stop the deck from becoming wild. As I do not have that many sets of sleeves, the rules for most of my other decks are simply that it fit in a standard Plainswalker Deckbox.


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