I'm sorry for not updating this list in like over 5 years but I'm back to announce that after a few years of hardly playing this deck since I first built it in 2013, it got a major overhaul in 2018, a year after the release of Amonkhet, and is now in my rotation of main commander decks due to how significantly improved the gameplay is. Since the overhaul, I've been slowly updating it with some choice cards from more recent set releases as well, and I figured it was about time to overhaul this list so that people could see the deck as its most tuned, streamlined version yet.

This is a more casual EDH deck. There's some combos in here, but I believe that is properly offset by the deck being somewhat slow and more interactive. I do find that there's not enough options in blue/black to help deal with problem artifacts/enchantments so please leave some good suggestions on cards I can use to answer those cards.


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