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Just Another Brick in the Wall

Commander / EDH Defender GWU (Bant) Tap/Untap Wall



Fly//Reach (2)

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The primary goal of this deck, like all other Arcades, is to take advantage of the commander's insane value potential. Arcades enables a hyper-efficient aggro play style, aiming to overwhelm and out-trade opponents using cards such as Fortified Rampart as well as many other low-costing beaters. Where else can we get a 2 mana 6/6 beater that also draws you a card upon cast? Absolutely glorious!

Sometimes overrunning people through combat damage just isn't enough. That is why I have made sure to include several infinite mana combo lines that can be fed into a variety of win conditions. Whats great is these win cons are all walls/defenders too! We can cheese the opponents without breaking theme.

Combo Lines

My goal was to make a fun, optimized deck on a limited budget. A vast majority of the cards were cheap to acquire, the more expensive ones being cards already owned from other decks. All in all, I only had to spend an additional 60 to make this deck. From all of my playtesting, I can say with confidence this deck will be able to hold its own in most playgroups. I am considering adding Umbral Mantle and Freed from the Real for additional combo redundancy in case of enemy interaction. I am not sure in what direction I will upgrade this deck in the future, but for now, I am happy.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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