Ur-Dragon Tribal Deck


Combo(1 shots):

For the Math Thing:

  • Atarka, World Render basic stats 6/4
  • 6/4 + 28 life (+14/+0) = 20/4 *2 (double strike) and boom headshot!(situational math)

Steps to do the combo Scion of the Ur-Dragon in battlefield state and able to attack:

  1. pay 4 colorless mana
  2. First ability triggered copying Moltensteel Dragon
  3. Pump in response using 28 life(or less depends on the opponent life left don't overkill and use calculator to make quick math)
  4. Second ability triggered copying Atarka, World Render
  5. Tap for attack
Desc: It's a heavy cost of life for a one shot IRL because when players see The Ur-Dragon they'll kill ya first but it's possible.(That's what I Experienced) It could also use as a kamikaze or a comeback combo cause most decks doesn't bring anti-flying like Archetype of Imagination , Kamikaze when you know you're not gonna win moments and just bring your enemy down with you in multiplayer match.

For the Math Thing:

Step of the Combo Scion of the Ur-Dragon in battlefield state and able to attack:
  1. Pay 4 mana
  2. First triggered copying Moltensteel Dragon
  3. In response pay 12 life (sure math)
  4. Second ability triggered copying Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
  5. Tap for attack
Desc: So this is the way better combo than the first one I know, less life to use and more life left to spare, but the bad thing about this combo is that when everyone knows you have infect and it's in the graveyard. Esspecially when they will surely believe you bring Bladewing the Risen and Teneb, the Harvester to bring that INFECT gameplay on to the battlefield.

Safety First: Well as you can see the combos that I mention are easy to handle by just blocking, counter ability, exile and so on. So you need to make the combo to work SAFELY without other players disturbing your stuff, that is where Dragonlord Dromoka comes into play for anti-control decks or you can use the less safety one Taigam, Ojutai Master it keeps your dragons fly to the battlefield with safety.

1v1 Combat Situation: So I explained all of the above are multiplayer situations, what about 1v1 situations? Does this deck can handle aggro 1v1 deck? Can even The Ur-dragon comes into play in 1v1? Most of the answers are no if the commander is The Ur-Dragon . Well the solution to this problem is getting the combo piece quickly, how? Simple. Change the commander to His Son or Her son? Who cares! Turn 5 or less Scion of the Ur-Dragon into the battlefield and BOOM combo 1 shot all the way up by Atarka, World Render + Moltensteel Dragon + Scion of the Ur-Dragon Using commander damage!


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