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Neverending Death - Liliana, Heretical Healer EDH

Commander / EDH Aristocrats Budget Casual Combo Group Hug Mono-Black


This deck is designed to activate Liliana, Defiant Necromancer's -8 ability then lock the game out through Grave Pact and sac engines. Cheap deathtouch creatures and chump blockers protect Liliana while she ticks up, and proliferate effects will accelerate this process. Tutors will ensure you have a Grave Pact effect in play which combos perfectly with the emblem. You can sac creatures to trigger Grave Pact, and you will get your own and your opponents sacrificed creatures at the end step. Plenty of removal is included to guarantee you are stealing creatures as well. Cards benefiting from discard effects take advantage of Liliana's +2 ability. Please note that this deck is designed with budget in mind, as well as the inclusion of some perhaps sub optimal cards I already owned.


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